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Brooke Shields was just 14 years old when she filmed The Blue Lagoonthe infamously sexy and slightly salacious island-set romance that capitalized on burgeoning hormones in a big way. The film was shocking when it debuted in the summer of —but even more than three decades later, it can still make jaws drop. Indirector W.

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In this sequel to the classic, two children are stranded on a beautiful island in the South Pacific. With no adults to guide them, the two make a simple life together and eventually become tanned teenagers in love. Randal Kleiser William A.

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The hit "The Blue Lagoon" was nothing more than a teen-age titillation movie, but it had a sweet, dopey simplicity. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, as 19th-century orphans stranded on a tropical island, learned about sex the way Adam and Eve must have if they had been very discreetly photographed and still had trouble figuring out where the baby came from. Well, that baby is back, and he is the unluckiest child on earth.

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Do we really feel what we feel or do we feel what we think we should feel? How would our mind have evolved if we were all Richards and Emmelines? That was a truly wonderful film and both played their parts brilliantly.

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This movie made me itch. It's about a young girl and a young boy who are shipwrecked on a beautiful Pacific Island. It shows how they grow up, mostly at sunset.

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Oh, how I remember the summer of well. I was 12 and had just finished the seventh grade. My joint obsession with both blond Adonis Christopher Atkins and the unearthly and beautiful Brooke Shields knew no bounds.

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Not since Pretty Baby, in which year-old Brooke Shields frolicked nude in a New Orleans brothel, has a movie aroused such furor over juvenile sex as The Blue Lagoon. Barely clothed in what appear to be artfully shredded dinner napkins, Brooke and her novice co-star, Christopher Atkins, 19, play two shipwrecked innocents on a South Sea island who discover grown-up delights amid the flora and fauna. This time, though, the passage through puberty and childbirth is done more explicitly and often au naturel Brooke had a nude stand-in, though Chris exposed all for his art.

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The Blue Lagoona classic ish novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, has inspired five films despite being pretty creepy. Not creepy in a spooky way, but creepy in a messed-up, this-is-super-problematic way. While the scenes were simulated using a body double for Shields, the film is still uncomfortable to watch. The plot is relatively straightforward and features standard stuff for a human survival story.

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Brooke Shields was only years-old when she starred in the most famous adaptation of Henry de Vere Stacpoole's novel. The Victorian story of two shipwrecked childern who grow up alone on a tropical island became overshadowed on the big screen by the scenes of the nearly naked characters falling in love. The notorious sex scene has dominated headlines and scandalised viewers ever since.

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Prolific Edwardian author, H De Vere Stacpoole, is best remembered for his novel, about a couple of shipwrecked youngsters — boy and girl — who grow up together on a desert island and develop perfect grooming. Filmed silently in by William Bowden, the inferentially salacious remake of starred year-old Jean Simmons. Cousins Richard and Emmeline Lestrange find themselves marooned after a maritime disaster. Fortuitously, the ship's cook, Paddy — played by Leo McKern — also survives and lasts long enough to teach the kids rudimentary survival skills.