Chubby frog care

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Chubby frogs are so named because of their chubby bodies. They have a large rounded body as if run over by a truck. During rainy days, the chubby frogs gather in great numbers; croaking noisily together, broadcasting their presence to each other hoping to attract a mate.

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I am still not content with the section on captive breeding, but information is so scarce on the subject. I hope this proves a use full resource. Growing to around inches cm with females being larger, the Asian Bull Frog is a narrow mouthed member of the microhylid family.

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The Asian painted bullfrog Kaloula pulchra is a somewhat cute and comical narrow-mouthed toad from Asia. It has established itself as something of a regular in the international pet trade; it goes by many pseudonyms, but it is perhaps best known by its slightly more accurate trade name of chubby frog. Widespread throughout southern Asia, it is a highly adaptable species that makes the most of encroaching human habitat and is believed to be increasing in population despite its collection for both the food and pet markets. The chubby frog is prolific, and wild populations may be growing despite this frog's collection for both food and pet markets.

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These chubby frogs are also known as Dumpy Tree Frogs because of their pudgy bodies and the large bulges they grow above their heads as adults. They can range in color from bright green to a beautiful teal blue and sometimes even appear purple. In captivity, there is a selectively bred line known as a Snowflake which exhibits extreme amounts of white speckling all over its body.

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Round in shape and with a typical microhylid body structure, Asian painted frogs are attractively patterned with two cream colored lateral stripes that run down their dorsum. The ventral side is uniform white to gray, except for in males that may have a darkened vocal sac after calling. Asian painted frogs are found throughout southeast Asia.

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Chubby Frog Kaloula pulchra. A Little Chubby! The Chubby Frog or Kaloula pulchra is a robust rather dull looking creature, although the other common name is the Malayan painted frog.

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These are an hardy medium sized species that are ideal for beginners. This species of frog is quite round and chubby looking, hence the name which some people call them. They have a lovely mahogany brown body with a cream band along each side, a darker edge is present around the cream band.

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The banded bullfrog or Asian painted frog is usually just known as the chubby frog in the pet trade. In the wild banded bullfrogs do well, some even claim that their population is increasing which is unusual for a frog these days. This is in spite of being collected for the pet trade and even as a food item.


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