Articular pain thumb

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The hand contains more than 25 joints, and these joints are particularly susceptible to inflammation for people with rheumatoid arthritis RA. In fact, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the knuckles and wrists can be the first signs of this chronic systemic autoimmune disease. Inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the knuckles and wrists can be the first signs of RA.

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Pain in your thumb can be caused by several underlying health conditions. Treatment for thumb pain will depend on the cause, but generally, pain-relieving medication or physical therapy are the go-to solutions. In some cases, consistent pain in your thumb can be an indication that you need surgery or treatment for another underlying health condition, such as arthritis.

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Sometimes, you have pain in your finger joint that is most noticeable when you press it. If pressure intensifies the discomfort, the joint pain might be more problematic than originally thought and might require specific treatment. With strains or sprains, you can often treat the injury at home.

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Arthritis is a condition that irritates or destroys a joint. Although there are several types of arthritis, the one that most often affects the joint at the base of the thumb the basal joint is osteoarthritis degenerative or "wear-and-tear" arthritis. Smooth cartilage covers the ends of the bones.

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Back to Osteoarthritis. The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and stiffness in your joints, which can make it difficult to move the affected joints and do certain activities. The symptoms may come and go in episodes, which can be related to your activity levels and even the weather.

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If you have swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the base of your thumb, or have been diagnosed with thumb osteoarthritis, these exercises are for you! If the base of your thumb really hurts, try acupressure as a simple home remedy. Using the thumb and index finger from your opposite hand, apply firm pressure for seconds to the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger.

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It is not uncommon for people with lupus to experience muscle aches and pain myalgias or have inflammation of certain muscle groups myositiswhich causes weakness and loss of strength. More than half of the people who develop lupus mention joint pain as their first symptom. Muscle pain and muscle tenderness, especially during periods of increased disease activity flareoccur in as many as 50 percent of those with lupus.

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Family WellnessWellness. Thumb joint pain may not seem like it would significantly affect your everyday life. There are several explanations as to why you may be experiencing joint pain in one or both of your thumbs. Here are four to consider:.

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Pain or swelling in the thumb can be especially irritating and affect your ability to perform simple tasks. Find out what is causing that pesky thumb pain and how to fix it by reading below. This type of pain can occur with stiffness, swelling, and tenderness.

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Thumb arthritis is common with aging and occurs when cartilage wears away from the ends of the bones that form the joint at the base of your thumb — also known as the carpometacarpal CMC joint. Thumb arthritis can cause severe pain, swelling, and decreased strength and range of motion, making it difficult to do simple tasks, such as turning doorknobs and opening jars. Treatment generally involves a combination of medication and splints. Severe thumb arthritis might require surgery.


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